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Each Module of TrainIQA is accompanied by a course book. The five books are published in a series edited by Solveig Randhahn and Frank Niedermeier and are freely downloadable as e-publications in english and french language. They can can also be ordered as paperback in book stores online and around the world. 

The book series has been supported by DIES (Dialogue on Innovative Higher Education Strategies) programme which is jointly conducted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) and is financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Germany. 

Designing Effective Quality Management Systems in Higher Education Institutions
Module 1

Author: Frank Niedermeier

The first course book lays the general basis for the training course. It introduces quality concepts, definitions of quality assurance and development and discusses the question why quality management (QM) is an important concept for higher education institutions.

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Tools and Procedures for Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutions
Module 2

Authors: Petra Pistor & Karl-Heinz Stammen

The second course book deals with the basic knowledge evaluation theories and methodology, particularly in the framework of higher education institutions. Furthermore, the course book deals with empirical social science research methodology as a tool for effective quality assurance. Core elements are the precise conception and systematic conduction of qualitative and quantitative data collection as well as data analysis and interpretation for evaluation purposes.

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Quality Assurance of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Institutions
Module 3

Authors: Solveig Randhahn & Frank Niedermeier

The third course book introduces the role of quality managers in communication and information processes of teaching and learning. Participants learn how to support teaching staff with defining a study programme’s objectives, its expected learning outcomes and competences. Furthermore, the course book deals with the continuous revision of study programmes and how to write a self-evaluation report at programme level. Finally, it examines the linkage between external and internal quality assurance approaches and how to make best use of both.

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Information Management in Higher Education Institutions
Module 4

Author: Solveig Randhahn

The fourth course book focuses on possibilities and limitations of an information management for higher education institutions. Participants get to know the relevance of (performance) indicators. They learn to reflect them critically and to use them in a responsible way. Based on this, the course book gives an introduction on how to establish a data-based reporting system at higher education institutions for different purposes and stakeholder groups and discusses various challenges to be considered.

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Quality Management and its Linkages to Higher Education Management
Module 5

Author: Christian Ganseuer & Solveig Randhahn

The fifth course book completes the training course, summarising the key elements of the previous modules and showing how to close quality loops (which refer to the cyclic quality management logic of plan-do-check-act). It focuses more in detail on the linkage between quality management and decision-making processes and it analyses the functions of involved parties and existing limits of their actions. In doing so, you will get an insight to communication and implementation strategies that are relevant to develop change processes at higher education institutions

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